Car Title Loans in Coral Gables, FL

Many people don't understand quite what car title loans Miami FL services do for borrowers. They might confuse a title loan with traditional loans that hinge on credit rating and minimum income requirements for approval. With title loans in Coral Gables FL, though, you can qualify for a loan even if your credit rating is the worst of the worst and you only have enough income to repay the loan. Because an auto equity loan is a secured loan, your line of credit originates from the value of your car, not from credit rating or income. This allows lenders to extend credit even to those people who ordinarily wouldn't qualify for a traditional bank loan or even payday loan. And that's great news for people who are experiencing a financial emergency.

We've all heard the stories: A car repair bill that results in falling a paycheck short, a medical emergency that results in falling behind on rent, and other forms of calamities that make paycheck-to-paycheck families fall short on bills and struggle to come up with much needed cash. Title loans in Coral Gables FL are ideal for people who have limited or bad credit, possess a physical copy of their car title, and have enough income to repay the title loan while they retain possession of their car. In this situation, sometimes a title loan can be the only way out of a bad financial situation. We're here to help.

How To Apply For Title Loans In Coral Gables FL

To apply, you only need a little bit of information. From there, we can generate an instant loan quote that lets you know how much money we can put in your pocket by tomorrow. That's how quick it is. Apply. Get your loan quote. Accept the terms of repayment. Get your funds by tomorrow.

Information we need
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Car information (Make, model, year, and mileage)

Once we have that information, it's easy sailing from there. You get your instant quote and we give you a call. If you know you can repay, you're all set for approval!

Legal Regulations

Florida regulates title loans to protect borrowers and lenders alike. You will have your interest rates capped at a maximum percentage to help you keep the loan from becoming unpayable. Just make your payments on time, and everything is fine. There will be a maximum number of renewals, too. Just remember that title loans in Coral Gables FL are short-term loans. They should be seen as such. The longer you wait to pay, the more interest accumulates, so if you can pay if off quicker, we'll do everything in our power to help you do so.

Why A Title Loan?

Title loans are great loans because they are quick to obtain, require very little information to apply for, and have few restrictions on approval. If you have a physical copy of your car title (you can always get one from the DMV) and a photo ID (driver's license), you're going to be approved. It really is that easy! Remember that you can continue to drive your car while you repay. You don't lose possession of your car unless you fail to repay the loan, so go into the loan arrangement with a will to repay the loan, and you'll be making a sound financial decision. Apply today and get started with one of the easiest loans in the world to obtain. Your future self will thank you for your initiative.